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For quite some time as an avid player of League of Legends, World of Warcraft, as well as Runescape. It was not until I started playing League that I soon realized; You could not be everyone's hero. You could not be the knight in shining armor that came to everyone's rescue. For a while I struggled with handling that concept, due to how I was on my Warlock on WoW.

Every time one of my friends needed my assistance, i'd ride in and decimate the surrounding area, being the showy and flashy, let alone arrogant, bastard that I am. Though that same arrogance was my downfall when for example, I played the role of Jungler in League. I was faced with a choice in those situations; Either sit by and watch my teammates fall, or follow them into utter damnation.

Now I look at those situations and each time we are faced with impossible odds. I chuckle a bit and I think to my self "If we do not win, I will try my hardest to support you all, I shall be your stepping stool so you may see over the odds that are placed against us and together we may over come them."

Synergy is a lot more than just how you play and what champion/class/spec (whatever the hell you play/do). It is the bond that you share with your friends and teammates. Not only gaining knowledge of the style in which how you play, but growing closer emotionally and mentally.

What makes a good team is not how well you play, but how beautifully they all can work together, regardless of their limitations or inexperience. It is the love you show when they do badly, it is the praise you give when they succeed. Raise your teammates, love your companions, show them that together with others, they can do anything.

Synergy makes the emotional world go round. ~Bani


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United States
I love to make people happy. Regardless of conditions.

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