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I'm not dead yet, just working on some huge projects.
Finished Order of War Dungeon Team by Rakund
Finished Order of War Dungeon Team
(From left to right) Cooler the fire mage, Vesimir the protection paladin, Banimornah the affliction warlock, Benzin the restoration druid, and Vynloren the windwalker monk
I am terribly sorry for this everyone, but this is going to be kind of a depressing one...

For many years, ever since first grade. Going to a school for the first time, Bridgewater elementary school... That name has a very special place in hell in my heart. For four years while I went there, I had one friend. Though I could not say the same for a majority of the school. Even the principal hated me for some reason, no one understood me and either feared me or tried to get rid of me from the school. Either by scaring me or physically beating the shit out of me, even almost being choked to death. Though no matter what happened it was somehow my fault and I would get suspended. In 5th grade I left that school and went to a new one were everyone was pretty nice, though I could still sense the same hostility in everyone. 

The intense depression was something that prolonged its self for 5 years after 5th grade. Though it reached its peak a week after my sophomore year after all of my friends just vanished.. I recieved hateful texts about how they all lied about being my friends for two years and just decimated everything I held dear.. Then I began having extremely bad pains in my sides as well as my heart.

It turns out my gal-bladder was doing its job a little more than what it should.. apparently normal working capacity is 40%. Mines working at 84%, causing me so much pain that I pass out, if I manage to stay awake I scream in pain until they put in 3 doses of morphine just so I can sleep..

If anything my life has been an utter hell, (of course I have left much out of this). Though through the years I have played World of Warcraft as my warlock, Banimornah. The first character I had ever made. Through many years I have been this alter ego, someone who everyone still calls a monster, scary, terrifying, etc.. And perhaps they were right. But I am still who I am.. Being able to be my warlock has pushed me as a person so far that I am able to be who I am. I have learned much as him and I continue to learn, of course many people think that I am wasting my life on the game.

But I have been this persona for so long that I see him as the other half of me, in other terms the person who I cannot be in the real world. I get to be the person everyone looks up to, I get to be the person everyone looks at in awe as I give a friendly wave or assist those who need it... I get to be who people consider a hero.. More importantly, I get to be my own hero.. Because without my warlock, I dont think id be here today..

If no one will save you, muster the courage and fight till your very last breath as your own hero.. ~Bani


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I love to make people happy. Regardless of conditions.

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